Enjoy Singapore’s best wagyu at Marina Bay Sands

Wagyu is beloved by meat connoisseurs thanks to its caramelly sweetness, off-the-charts umami factor and exquisite marbling that melts like butter on the tongue. Centuries of tradition, generations of cattle breeding, and strict regulations ensure you enjoy the best beef in the world.

Among the world’s top producers, the Australian wagyu raised by fifth-generation farmer David Blackmore is exclusively 100 per cent fullblood wagyu. It is GMO-, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and boasts a layered sweetness and buttery texture. Adrift serves up a perfectly cooked Blackmore striploin, along with another revelation: The BBQ Ox Tongue Ssam, served with endive salad and spiced pear kimchi. The tongue is braised overnight with herbs before being sliced and grilled on an open fire, constantly basted with a sesame soy paste. What you get is a delicious crust and meat that is sweet, salty and acidic all at once.

Get a taste of pure beefy goodness here.