Cortina Watch and Patek Philippe Share A Bond That Transcends Time

It was 1956 when Mr. Anthony Lim, the founder of Cortina Watch met Henri Stern and Philippe Stern of Patek Philippe . It was the start of a memorable journey. One that established a relationship that has been forged in times of happiness as well as adversity, each making the bond stronger and stronger.

When Cortina Watch was established in 1972, the two families, one in Switzerland and one in Singapore, were each navigating a peculiar watchmaking crisis. Both stuck to their philosophies to great reward. Patek Philippe continued with its calibre movements, becoming one of the most coveted brands. And Mr. Anthony Lim invested in Swiss heritage watchmaking, placing emphasis on brands that continued with mechanical calibres, making Cortina Watch a trusted brand on its own.

In 1978, the friendship became even closer when Cortina Watch became the official dealer of Patek Philippe with a boutique in Colombo Court. Since then, Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch have gone from strength to strength. Raymond Lim, the eldest son, grew the brands with unique shopping concepts.

Just like how the Calatrava collection became the thruster for Patek Phillipe, these concepts propelled the brand identity across Singapore and South East Asia into the new millennia.

In 2008, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands became the spot for a special Patek Philippe boutique. The special journey had another milestone to celebrate.

There were challenges, especially the economic crisis of 2007/8. But the strength and conviction of the two families stood firm. This is an example that proves that economic situations are temporary, whereas real relationships stand the test of time.

This unique relationship between Cortina Watch and Patek Philippe can now be experienced in six boutiques in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur.

It’s the very journey of time.