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银幕上的艺术与科学是博物馆电影展映项目的核心环节,是滨海湾金沙不断发展新加坡及国际电影文化社区的重要实践。除电影放映以外,艺术科学博物馆 4 层还将携手知名电影制作人及艺术家,定期召开新闻发布会、对话会议和大师班,启迪观众在电影和动态图像中发现艺术与科学之美。


Beat of the Street

Beat of the Street

From 30 Apr
Expression Gallery I Level 4 I  Free admission

Documentary film-makers have captured the heartbeat of Street Art since its inception. Capturing every new style, following every new crew, documentaries have created a legacy for an art form which is otherwise ephemeral and over time have charted the changing attitudes towards urban art. 

For screening dates after 5 May, please refer to our Facebook event page for more details. 

Animal Powers

Animal Powers 

From 30 May
Expression Gallery | Level 4 I Free admission

A miniseries of films featuring some of our most familiar animal friends transformed to become heroes of their own spectacular adventures. Including much-loved films from the Philippines and Malaysia, Animal Powers explores how cinema has imagined a world where otherwise overlooked animals and humans alike take matters into their own hands (or feet) in order to save the day. 



Cicak Man

Follow the shy protagonist Hairi who obtains lizard-like powers quite by accident…


A down-and-out warehouse worker takes on spider powers to defeat his enemy and win the girl of his dreams.

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