Braun BuffelBraun Buffel

布兰施 (Braun Büffel) 

布兰施 (Braun Büffel) 由 Johann Braun 于 1887 年在德国基恩创办,作为优质皮革商品和配件的设计者与制造者,在过去一个多世纪赢得了良好声誉。 如今已然成为以卓越工艺、优质皮革、经典优雅及时尚前卫著称的高级品牌。 
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Braun Büffel Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Braun Büffel Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

This Spring/Summer, Braun Büffel ventures beyond the golden coasts of Morocco, past the sands of time to a land bursting with colour and filled with enchantment.

This sets stage for the bold, multi-faceted designs in the ladies’ collection, beautifully structured and meticulously put together with the finest of leathers and purest of colours. The men’s range, inspired by the enigmatic charm of the city, boasting the rich hues of the Moroccan sunset and strong silhouettes cast by majestic city structures.

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