Venzha Christ - Listening for the Dark at ArtScience MuseumVenzha Christ - Listening for the Dark at ArtScience Museum


Our special ArtScience Late performance on 19 January 2017 featured a compelling encounter with space, as Indonesian artist Venzha Christ used his body as a transmitter to receive and decode signals from the planets and the stars. Held after hours at the ArtScience Museum lobby, the Listening for the Dark event also featured appearances by Yudianto Asmoro, Irene Agrivina, VJ NumberOne, DJ MetzDub- Dubyouth Soundsystem, Haryono and Bayu Bawono.

Venzha Christ returned to ArtScience Museum on 20 and 21 January for an Insights talk to share what triggered his fascination with space, how art has enabled him to express his curiosity and how he reached out to deep space from Earth. His art installation, Indonesia Space Science Society, was an addition to the recent exhibition, NASA – A Human Adventure. This artwork presented radio waves from space, sent and collected through self-made radio antennae gathering precise data from astronomical objects in space.

Get in tune with outer space by watching the Listening for the Dark event video below.