Indian food hits new heights at Marina Bay Sands

Indian food is well on its way to becoming one of the most chic cuisines on the world dining circuit, as more chefs put their own modern spin on classic fare to create fresh and inventive dishes that draw contemporary diners. Gone are the days when Indian cuisine used to be all about curries; foodies are spoilt for choice as restaurants offer everything from snacks such as pakora (vegetable fritters) to gravies such as palak paneer (spinach with cottage cheese) and a myriad flatbread options such as aloo paratha (potato-stuffed prata).

RISE, located in the lobby of Hotel Tower 1, is a must-visit for lovers of Indian food because of its sustainably sourced produce, sheer variety of food featuring popular favourites from both North and South India, great service and relaxed environment. And it seems Executive Sous Chef Dwayne Emuang has honed the art of cooking the perfect Indian dish, as the bustling mealtime crowds at his restaurant would attest. His secret? “Patience is key—many Indian dishes just cannot be rushed,” he says, adding that mastering the use of spices is also vital as using too much of something can often throw the flavours off.

Hop onboard the gravy train and get a taste of the new wave of Indian cuisine.